SpringSunset Border Collies



KENTARO Makes History!

Jr Col Ch – Col Ch – Jr Puerto Rican Ch - Jr AyC Winner 2012 – Jr SICALAM Winner 2012 – #1 Jr BC in Colombian 2012 - #1 Jr in Group 1 in Colombia year 2012 – #1 Jr ALL BREED IN COLOMBIA 2012 - #1 Adult BC in Colombia 2013 – KENTARO FINISHES 2014 AS THE #1 IN THE BREED #1 IN THE HERDING GROUP AND.. # 1 ALL BREED!

Colombian Championship Springsunset Gamma Orionis

Bella is now Chco Jco Springsunset Gamma Orionis

AmCh GrAmCh ColCh Etherial Silk Stockings

Silky ETHERIAL SILK STOCKINGS, earned his American Championship and Grand Championship with ease! thank you Ronna, Karen and Julie for all your help


My endless admiration and love for Border Collies has guided me to commit myself to introduce the best lines to our country and with this, to improve the quality of this amazing breed.

A combination of brains and beauty is what makes our Border Collies to excel in several areas; conformation, performance and most important of all, they excel as wonderful family members.